What is PeopleSurfer?

PeopleSurfer is an online source to help poeple get to know each other, written by the people who use it.

Why PeopleSurfer is created?

PeopleSurfer is created because we believe in making the world a better place by helping people to get to know each other.

PeopleSurfer, where you can anonymously read and write about anyone, aims to give poeple the

Who created PeopleSurfer?

Meet the team.

Why use PeopleSurfer?

Power to really get to know someone.

In Facebook, you only see positive aspects of people but here there is no limitation. You get to know someone in all aspects. Good and Bad.

Power to write what you really think about someone.

You cannot be %100 free to share what you think about someone on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else.
But here you speak your mind completely free.

Power to share your thoughts with millions.

Your comments are public and accessable by anyone. Anyone with internet connection can read your thoughts.

The only app that could save your life, relationship, career and loved ones.

Check out what people say about your new boyfriend, friends, co-workers, partner or daughter's boyfriend.
Getting to know them better can improve your relationships or save you from huge regrets.